We would like to invite you to tune in this Saturday, May 27th at 1pm CST (11am PST) to hear our live interview on “The Rick Keyes Music Caravan Radio Show” on KCR College Radio.  Tune in to...

Dearest Family and Friends,
With overflowing joy and gratitude, Matthew and I share our new CD baby with you, “Like a Tree”. Having worked on this album for almost sixteen months, we are deeply...

After a long heartfelt year of helping take care of my beloved stepdad before his passing, Matthew and I are nearing the release of our music ministry's new album, "Like a Tree". Dedicated to my stepdad, Tom Mortensen, this album is a very special one, pulled down from Heaven with my spirit. I spent a lot of solitary time with God to receive these songs from Him, praying constantly and asking Him what He wanted me to...

Dearest Loved Ones,
Whatever we find ourselves doing today, may we all purposefully take the time to truly reflect and acknowledge the powerful victory of Christ at the Cross of Calvary. When Christ defeated sin and death, resurrecting on this...

Dear Beloved Family & Friends,

On this blessed St. Valentine's Day, may we remember the greatest act of love that ever was -- the AMAZING LOVE of...

Dear Beloved Family & Friends,

Today is one of the most important days in human history, for we have the privilege to honor and

"Jesus' Birthday" Gets More Radio Airplay!

We humbly want to thank the 110+ radio outlets and their stations below for helping us all to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas -- the birth of Christ.  Happy Birthday, Jesus!   :-)

With all my heart, I want to thank Christian Review for their article about my current single "Jesus' Birthday". Thank you, ChristianReview, for your support in helping us all to re-focus on the amazing meaning of this Holy Day -- the birth of Jesus Christ!

Get 1¢ shipping on any of my CDs Dec 1 – Dec 3!

Still trying to find the perfect gift for the music-lover in your life that you want to impact spiritually? We wanted to let you know that...

It's Christmas time, once again, and we are thankful to announce that the song “Jesus' Birthday” from my album “O Come All Ye Faithful”, has been added to the following 96+ radio stations' playlists to promote the real meaning of Christmas – the birth of Christ...

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