For His Good Pleasure
Words and Music by Kimberlee M. Leber
©2017 My Diary Publishing (BMI)

You're a spirit
You have a soul
You live in a body meant to grow
You have a purpose and a place
At this time in the human race

Designed by Him and specially born
Wonderfully made, uniquely formed
One of a kind, just for the Lord
Embrace who you are 'cause you're adored

For His good pleasure

Look at your fingerprint and see
There's no other like you in history
So feed your spirit and let God lead
And you'll surely find your destiny

For His good pleasure

The essence of you is found within your spirit
The entrance of God's Word brings light each morning like a compass
Created for glory to God on the throne in Heaven
You are here on Earth to spread His Holiness

So follow Him with all of your heart
He'll show you the Way, just where to start
His plans are perfect, wait and see
Trust in His Word, It's guaranteed

For His good
For His good pleasure
For His good pleasure, that's right
For His good pleasure
His good pleasure, that's right


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