Pledge My Heart

by Kimberlee M. Leber

Released 2014
Real Star Records
Released 2014
Real Star Records
“Pledge My Heart” showcases what could be some of Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber's, best written music to date, combining Gospel, Soul, Blues, Folk, Country, Rock, and Jazz, while presenting honest words of wisdom that feed your spirit.
Charting #1 on ReverbNation's National Holiday Charts for the Christmas CD, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, launches her highly anticipated fourth solo album entitled, “Pledge My Heart”.

Focusing her energies on her solo career again after recording and touring with Breath Spirit & Life in support of the album, "Flame-On", Kimberlee was inspired to explore a side of herself in the studio that she had yet discovered.

She shares, “For many years, I had the blessed opportunity to work with different musicians, engineers, and producers, and I was absorbing all of this wonderful information. By the grace of God, it all started to show! It has been an exciting process to experience this in the studio lately, as I get to wear all of these different hats myself. I am ever so grateful to be able to do this now!”

Credited with production, arrangement, and engineering, while also performing all vocals and instrumentation, Kimberlee showcases what could be some of her best written music to date, combining Gospel, Soul, Blues, Folk, Country, Rock, and Jazz, as she presents an honest delivery of wisdom enveloped in flavorful melodies and rhythms that feed your spirit.

Once again, Kimberlee, has partnered with West Coast Songwriters’ Award Winning Songwriter, Suzie Daines, for some of the material on the new release. The musical team has penned two well-crafted compositions, “Polati Hill” and “America's Closed”, the latter of which also includes the writing talents of Keith Greeninger, winner of the prestigious Kerrville and Telluride songwriting competitions.

Offering musical medicine for the soul, “Pledge My Heart”, provides timeless music with a timeless message for all generations. As entertaining as it is healing, the listener can be drawn into the enlightening words and soothing, yet soaring vocal expressions of Kimberlee.

Her acoustic driven guitar serves as a continual foundation throughout the entire album with occasional electric swells on her Telecaster to add color and dimension. And an adoration for the Hammond B-3 organ can be easily noted, alongside the bluesy piano, favored pronounced percussive sounds, and other featured stringed instruments.

Out of all her albums,“Pledge My Heart”, captures Kimberlee in a place of spiritual awareness and maturity unlike the others. The new release truly culminates the journey Kimberlee M. Leber has traveled, enabling her to shine like never before in her solo career. Sharing many of the Biblical principles and nuggets learned, she truly believes this new album is more than music – it's a spiritual tool that has the power to change lives.

Born and raised in California, Kimberlee trained nearly nine years with Vocal Coach, Judy Davis, who also coached Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Steve Perry of Journey, and a host of other famous artists. Kimberlee had the fortune of working with Multi-Platinum Producer, Paul Laurence, and 9-Time Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer, Gilbert Velasquez, on previous released albums.

Media Quotes about Kimberlee M. Leber --

"Kimberlee's top-rated voice can work its way around listeners and draw them in... The passionate texture of her powerful pipes gives her the versatility to perform candid, soulful, healing tunes to hard rocking numbers... She sings like a woman recently given freedom."
- The Beaverton Valley Times, OR

"Kimberlee at the mic sounds more like a blues mama's godchild sanctified in the Church of the Holy Groove."
- Pasadena Weekly, CA

"Singer/Songwriter Kimberlee performs unique, R&B-tinged; Rock."
- Las Vegas Weekly, NV

"Kimberlee performs an inspiring soulful rock sound with an acoustic guitar... Kimberlee wants to write and perform songs that plant seeds of hope for a better world."
- The Arizona Republic, AZ

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