Meanings of the Songs for the

"Like a Tree" Album


1. Fight the Good Fight of Faith

“Fight the Good Fight of Faith”, represents speaking God's Word (His Seed) over our circumstances which guarantees a victorious outcome. This is how we fight in life, we speak God's Word (the Bible), using faith, overcoming the curses to live a blessed life in the Kingdom of God. God has wonderful Promises for us in His Word, and we can receive these by speaking things that are in agreement with His Word, in faith, which is how we fight the good fight of faith. Truly, this Biblical understanding has changed my life, and the Holy Spirit wanted me to share it in song with as many people as possible to spread “good seed” into the life of every listener. And to God be the glory!


2. The Garden 

When God created humanity, in the Garden of Eden, He made us in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-28). He intended for us to be an exact duplication of Himself with power and amazing ability. He even gave Adam authority and dominion, telling him to subdue every creeping thing, furthermore reign over all the Earth. When Adam didn't follow God's instruction by subduing the Snake (Satan), soon after he and Eve were deceived by him and gave over their authority and dominion to him, thereby causing the “Fall of Man”. This caused separation in spirit from God, destroying all the blessings of Paradise and replacing them with the curse (thorns, thistles, sin, sickness, disease, and death).

God's only Remedy was to send Himself in the form of a man to take back what had been given over to Satan, by giving birth to Christ in the flesh aka the “Second Adam”, and restore humanity back to God's original design and intention. Through our Lord and Savior conquering Satan at the Cross, Christians can now live once again in “The Garden”, above the curse from the Fall. Moreover, we can live on Earth as it is in Heaven, which is the inspiration behind this Biblically-based song.


3. Like a Tree 

This is the story of my husband and I from birth to adulthood, separately growing up in different parts of Northern California, and then eventually meeting in church in our twenties.

The metaphor of growing “like a tree” is something my mother used to teach me about when I was a child. She said that my life was like a tree with different branches, and that I could choose how I wanted to grow.

Years later after becoming a Christian, this notion of being “like a tree” took on an even deeper Biblical meaning for me, and has profoundly grown in my heart over time. I treasure Scriptures such as, Jeremiah 17:7-8, where it tells us that as we trust in God in all circumstances, not giving into fear, we can be “like a tree” planted by the water, always bearing good fruit.

This last year my husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary, and the Lord gave me this song in my spirit as I was in the studio writing for this album. It became a sort of wedding gift from my heart to my husband's, honoring family, our blessed marriage in Christ, and the many seasons of life we have experienced.

With the release of this new CD baby, we are so grateful to be continuing to bear good fruit for God. Our prayer is that this album, “Like a Tree”, will plant seeds into the heart of every listener, producing a blessed harvest that actually permeates, helping to make the Earth more like Heaven.


4. Greater Things than These 

Christ came as both a man and God in the flesh. He actually set aside His Divine power, though, in order to be like us and exemplify just how, as human beings, we are to rely on God every moment, and access the power of the Holy Spirit to do great things. To demonstrate this, He was baptized himself, and received the Holy Spirit. It was only after this that He began to perform miracles, signs, and wonders.

In John 14:12, Christ says that those who believe and follow Him will be able to do even “greater things than these”, referring to the healing of people, raising the dead, casting demons out, and freeing the oppressed, both physically and spiritually, teaching them to be disciples of Christ and baptizing them.

There are so many needs around us today from sickness and disease, to emotional/mental challenges, to unnecessary poverty and hunger, to people being spiritually separated from God. Therefore, the Lord put it on my heart to share this AMAZING Biblical understanding in John 14:12 in the form of a song. We all need to be inspired to really pursue the example of Christ and receive EXACTLY what He said. And in so doing, we too will be like Him, baptized with the Holy Spirit, performing these miraculous signs and wonders, and more!


5. You Are Holy 

By studying the Bible and seeing oneself in “the mirror” of Scripture, which reveals the need for renewal and restoration with God, a person is baptized and receives the gift of the Holy Spirit. This is an actual participation of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, where the individual dies to the “old man or self and its ways” and is resurrected into a “new man or self and the ways of Christ”.

Because of this, the person is dead to sin since the spirit of Christ now lives in them, and the cleansing Blood that occurred at Baptism continues to cover them like a constant waterfall of purification. The person is an actual partaker of Christ's Holiness, as well as, a member of the Body of Christ – a living and breathing holy temple.

The Bible describes that from “glory to glory”, a person resembles Christ more and more as he or she is transformed by His Spirit. And watering oneself (the seed of Christ within) with the Word (the Bible) on a continual daily basis, magnifies this progression with faith.

God has made every individual in His image and likeness with a specific assignment for existence here on Earth. Through Christ, the awareness of this purpose becomes clear and one's destiny is finally found – a citizen of Heaven. Furthermore, we are to make the Earth like Heaven by being Christlike or holy in thought, word, and deed, from glory to glory.

The Holy Spirit prompted me to write this deeply important Biblical understanding into a song because we, as human beings, need to know that we CAN be holy through Christ – a truly amazing gift and way of life from our wonderful Lord and Savior – thank you, dear Jesus!


6. Body of Christ 

Before Christ ascended to Heaven, He gave us the “Great Commission” before leaving. He told us to finish what He had begun, and continue His work in the Earth, making it more like Heaven, restoring humanity back to God and His blessings. He gave Christians all authority and dominion, having conquered Satan at the Cross, and told us to go make disciples of every nation, and baptize them into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teach everything He had taught.

As followers of Christ, we can show this same perfect love for others, and even meet all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the oppressed. We are literally His Body, called to do this. I wrote this song to remind us of this mission statement we have received as a Church from Him.

The Greek word for church is “ecclesia”, which means “called out ones”. The Body of Christ is exactly that, we are separate from this world, as the Church, here to represent our Lord and Savior. We are “Ambassadors of Heaven”. Moreover, Church is “a people”, not a building, and as Christ went about 24/7 spreading blessings in the Earth, so shall we, as His hands and feet.


7. A New Song in My Heart 

A few years ago, I endured a vocal injury that caused me to take four years off from my professional music career. During that time, my relationship with God grew more intimate than ever before. I really slowed down in my life, and spent a lot of quiet time learning to listen to God's Spirit. He took me on a Biblical journey regarding the value of words, which transformed my mind and mouth.

A Biblical teaching, known as “the Law of Sowing and Reaping” taken from Genesis 8:22 and described in Proverbs 18:20-21 impacted my life profoundly. It taught me that the type of harvest one reaps is directly related to the kind of seed (words) sown or spoken with the mouth. As a result of all that the Lord was teaching me, I became more dedicated to purposefully sowing good seed in my life and the lives of others with my words.

Once the Lord healed my voice, and I was able to not only talk again, but professionally sing, the words that I spoke and sang greatly changed. Today, as a singer/songwriter, the songs that I write are carefully created. Every word is prayerfully received and aligned with God's Word in Scripture, which is the story behind this new song in my heart.


8. You Make Me Beautiful 

Every day we get up and put clothes on our bodies, and do other beautifying things to make ourselves look presentable. As a spirit with a soul, God has helped me to understand that we need to also dress ourselves spiritually each day by putting on Scripture – reading and praying through the Word of God.

In so doing, we are reminded of how much we are lovingly cherished by our Lord and Savior, and that we are washed completely clean in Christ with a new batch of His mercy for the day. His wisdom from His Word, also, sets our mind and mood for the day, providing a peace and sustained joy that surpasses anything in the world.

My husband actually says that after I have spent time with my Heavenly Father, reading the Bible and praying through Scripture out loud, that it makes me “glow like Moses”. Touched in my spirit from his heartfelt words, I decided to write this song. May it sincerely inspire all of us to be made beautiful from the inside out.


9. It's a Choice 

As a disciple of Christ, I live to follow my Savior's example, regardless of circumstance. Sometimes this is not as easily done. His Spirit, however, helps me, as I stop and rely upon It. Since faith comes by hearing the Word of God, as I feed my soul with His wonderful teachings in the Bible, the strength to do whatever I must do is supplied. And as a result, all things ARE really possible, giving Him glory. With all that I am, thank you, dear Jesus, for helping me to make the right choices and live according to your perfect Will, which has given birth to this song.


10. For His Good Pleasure 


God has uniquely designed each of us with a specific purpose that is meant to give Him glory. No one has the same fingerprint as another, indicating the importance of every single person. We have even been born at this time in history for a reason that He has predetermined before He ever laid the foundation of the Earth, which is quite amazing (Ephesians 1:3-14). As we draw close to God through Christ, seeking His wisdom in the Bible as if it were treasure, we find our life's assignment and destiny. I can personally attest that His plan is truly perfect. Giving the Lord pleasure and glory with the musical gifts He has given me has brought me the greatest fulfillment ever imagined. And He wanted me to encourage every soul out there in song with this message, revealing how adored each of you are to Him, and for you to give Him glory with how He created you!

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