Greater Things than These
Words and Music by Kimberlee M. Leber 
©2017 My Diary Publishing (BMI) 

Jesus was the Son of Man 
Also known as the Second Adam 
Both God in flesh and man like you and I 
He came to teach and exemplify 

He put aside His Divinity 
And showed us possibilities 
Relying on God Above 
The Holy Spirit and Perfect Love 

Miracles, signs, and wonders, too 
By faith He spoke and so can we, it's true 
Greater things than these He said we'd do 
Believe it now and join the sanctified few 

Heal the sick, raise the dead 
Cast out demons in peoples' heads 
Free the slaves and the oppressed 
Make disciples, baptizing them 

Just like Jesus, there's much we can do 
Renew your mind and get a new point of view 
As a man thinketh, so is he 
Receive God's Word and His Abilities 

Rebuild the ruins, bless the poor 
We're taking back what Satan stole 
Spreading justice in this World 
The Kingdom of God, It shall prevail 

Greater is He that is within you 
You can do anything, don't be fooled 
'Cause you have authority 
Your God's son, brother of Christ 
Victory's been achieved 
Victory's been achieved 
Victory's been achieved 
Victory's been achieved 
Victory's been achieved 
Oh yea, that's right...

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Inspiration Behind the Song

Christ came as both a man and God in the flesh. He actually set aside His Divine power, though, in order to be like us and exemplify just how, as human beings, we are to rely on God every moment, and access the power of the Holy Spirit to do great things. To demonstrate this, He was baptized himself, and received the Holy Spirit. It was only after this that He began to perform miracles, signs, and wonders. 

In John 14:12, Christ says that those who believe and follow Him will be able to do even “greater things than these”, referring to the healing of people, raising the dead, casting demons out, and freeing the oppressed, both physically and spiritually, teaching them to be disciples of Christ and baptizing them. 

There are so many needs around us today from sickness and disease, to emotional/mental challenges, to unnecessary poverty and hunger, to people being spiritually separated from God. Therefore, the Lord put it on my heart to share this AMAZING Biblical understanding in John 14:12 in the form of a song. We all need to be inspired to really pursue the example of Christ and receive EXACTLY what He said. And in so doing, we too will be like Him, baptized with the Holy Spirit, performing these miraculous signs and wonders, and more!